Seal Coating

Asphalt Sealing

Prolong the life of your pavement with regular surface treatments and proactive pavement management; Regional Pavement Maintenance (RPM) can double the life of your pavement. A new seal coating project helps the aesthetic appearance with a fresh ”Jet Black“ finish, and helps act like a new welcome mat for your customers and owners.

RPM is one the Southwest’s largest applicators of Seal Master Products such as MasterSeal, a Rubber Enhanced Asphalt Emulsion, and “PMM” high performance surface treatment, both distributed and manufactured by Seal Master of Arizona.

SealMaster “PMM” exceeds the specifications and out performs any product in its class and warranty. 

We are one of a select few that can provide both squeegee and spray applications to any specification for any size project.

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Spray & Squeegee Applications

Hot Rubberized ”Injection“ Crack fill


24 Hour Striping & Barricading

Polymeric Oil Spot Primers

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