Asphalt Patching

Due to heavy use many asphalt pavement surfaces will need Asphalt patching repairs. This is due to a failing base course beneath your asphalt, improper installation and the type of use it receives throughout its life cycle. The surface appearance reflects the type of drainage, UV exposure, and daily functionality of normal traffic or lack of it.

Regional estimators provide no less than 15 years of experience apiece in evaluating your patching repair needs.

  • Hot Tack Application
  • Full Depth Sawcuts
  • Lay Down Machine Capabilities
  • Experienced Hand Rakers
  • Vibratory Rollers & Tampers
  • Emergency Service

Skin Patching

Skin Patching addresses minor drainage or elevation corrections. It also addresses desegregation and roll out from lack of use and regular exposure to hard water or sprinkler overflow from landscaping.


Removal & Replacement Patching

Removal & Replacement Patching reflects full depth demolition and haul off of your existing asphalt and re-installation which sometimes includes replacing some of the base material as well. This is common in severely cracked areas where the existing base is unable to handle normal daily load capacities or excessive moisture and over saturation from poor drainage or underground utilities.

Trench Repair

We provide patching services for all utilities in public and private right of ways. All patching is done per local agency specifications. We work closely with agency inspectors to ensure your patch is done promptly and complete.