Hot Crack Seal

Phoenix Concrete & Asphalt Sealing Services

Hot Rubberized Injection Crack Seal with PM-10 cleaning is a maintenance necessity that Regional is capable of adjusting to your specific needs. Simply put, no two cracks are ever the same and our fleet of equipment and experienced crews will provide you with the optimum service for your dollar.

Call our estimators today for the most experienced and accurate assessment of your cracks in the State of Arizona.

  • Full Fleet of Oil Jacketed and Direct Fire Equipment
  • Vacuum and Dust Containment Specialists
  • Full line of Routers
  • National Safety Council Approved Flaggers
  • Experienced with full line of Deery, Crafco and Koch products
  • US Military, Federal Government, City, State, Commercial and Industrial References

When your asphalt roadway or parking lot was brand new, it was a seamless and continuous matt or pad. Underlying movements in the base beneath it and the payload of daily use may have caused your surfaces to fracture. In Arizona, we also find areas where sub-grade may be expansive and the shrinkage of soil beneath will cause even the highest quality asphalt installation to crack. Your best method of maintaining this damage is to have Regional Pavement Maintenance inject, apply and band the damage with Hot Agitated Rubberized Cracksealant. Our sealants are mixed uniformly for a consistent application from the first gallon applied to the last.

  • CrackVac simultaneous vacuum/blow Units meeting all PM-10, County, State, ADOT and Federal Dust Requirements for cleaning and preparation for sealant.
  • Vacuum Only Units for cleaning and maintaining Maricopa County Air Quality Department Environmental dust standards.
  • 24 Hour Service when requested for minimal inconveinience to you daily operations.
  • Mulitple Agitated Self-Contained Oil Jacketed machines capable of installing in excess of 11,000 pounds of Cracksealant per day.
  • In house traffic control with ADOT approved Arrow Boards mounted on our own vehicles and National Safety Council Certified Regional Pavement Maintenance employees for Flagging.